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WP HTML Sitemap

Add a WordPress HTML sitemap that is dynamically generated and fully customizable to improve your website SEO and enable easy navigation for your users.

WordPress HTML Sitemap
Key Features Included
Include or Exclude Specific Sections
WordPress HTML Sitemap
Customize Section Order on Sitemap
WordPress HTML Sitemap
Automatic Integration with WP e-Commerce plugin
Automatic Integration with bbPress plugin
Publish Sitemap as Page or Post
Sitemap Dynamically Generated
Ready for Easy CSS Customization
WordPress HTML Sitemap
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March 10, 2012

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WP HTML Sitemap

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WP HTML Sitemap


WP HTML Sitemap Pro will offer advanced features for further customization of your sitemap. Configure your sitemap the way YOU want it, with WP HTML Sitemap Pro.

Additional Features Coming in WP HTML Sitemap Pro
Customization of section titles (Authors, Categories, Forums, etc.)
Custom display order of items within sections (ascending/descending by publish date, last modified date, title, etc.)
Display of item metadata (# of Comments, # of Replies, # of Topics, Last Activity Date, etc.)
Set custom depth for page output
Shortcode capability for embedding of sitemaps or portions of sitemaps within pages or posts
Sidebar multi-widget for display of sub-pages or sub-posts (children) for current page or post

Improve Website SEO & Site Navigation

WP HTML Sitemap generates an HTML sitemap that is readable/crawlable by search engines and is always up to date. Search engines like sitemaps, and so do your users. Take advantage of this easy-to-use plugin to improve your website SEO and ease of navigation.

Sample Sitemap Excerpts

Sample Sitemap excerpt as post.

WordPress HTML Sitemap

Another sample Sitemap excerpt as post.

WordPress HTML Sitemap

sample Sitemap excerpt as page.

WordPress HTML Sitemap

Fully Customizable

WP HTML Sitemap creates a WordPress HTML sitemap that is fully customizable. Publish your sitemap as a page or post. WP HTML Sitemap automatically detects available page templates and post formats supported by your theme. Modify your sitemap title. Use a custom slug. Choose whether to display available sections, and in what order. Sections available include: Authors, Categories, Forums (bbPress plugin), Pages, Posts, Products (WP e-Commerce plugin), and Topics (bbPress plugin).

Configuration Options

General Options

WordPress HTML Sitemap

Section Options

WordPress HTML Sitemap

Setup Instructions

WordPress HTML Sitemap

Automatic Integration with bbPress and WP e-Commerce

WP HTML Sitemap automatically detects bbPress and WP e-Commerce plugins. If these plugins are installed and active, WP HTML Sitemap automatically adds Forums (bbPress), Topics (bbPress), and Products (WP e-Commerce) to the available sections list for display on your sitemap, as well as custom setting tabs for each of these new sections.