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    Some of the issues i am having, i see that others are having similar issues.

    1.New users get registered in my account but never get an email. This goes for admin emails too.
    2.The Wp widget only displays correctly on pages first load. Once you click on a tab the input boxes disappear only returning on a page refresh. log in section on this test site is down towards the left side bottom.

    thank you



    Thanks for your post. We looked at your site, but it is not currently using WP User Control so we could not attempt to diagnose. We did notice the following jQuery error, which is not related to WP User Control:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'safari' of undefined jquery.jcarousel.js:16

    This error is being generated by another plugin or script on your site. However, if this error was present when you tried to use WP User Control it would have stopped jQuery and prevented the jQuery script that controls display of the WP User Control tabs from running properly.

    Regarding new user registration and admin emails… have you verified that your system can properly send emails independently of WP User Control? If you look closely at the WPUC support forum all other instances of this have been due to a server configuration issue. We are not aware of any issues with WP User Control failing to send emails when configured correctly. We’d recommend proceeding through the following troubleshooting steps:

    1) What message is returned within the WP User Control widget when you enter a username and email address and click the ‘Register’ button? If it is returning the message “Check your email for the password and then return to log in.” then the registration process is succeeding. If WP User Control is returning an error message during registration, it will be highlighted in red.

    2) When you check the list of users via the WP Admin dashboard are the new users actually being created?

    3) Assuming the users are being created, have you tested logging in to the site with the newly created account? If you’re not receiving the new user registration email with their password then you’ll need to reset the user account password so you know it for test login purposes. If the users are being created and you have verified that you can successfully login to their account then the problem must be email related.

    4) Is the new user email being received at the target email address? Can you successfully send test emails from your server? If everything else is working and the email is not being received, then there is a problem with your server email set up. See the 2 plugins mentioned below for help with your system email set up if that is the case.






    Hi Bill,
    just wanted to let you know that when registering today with your blog I didn’t receive a register mail. Assuming that – being the plugin author – you have set up your own registration process at best, potentially as described above, this disfunction could have a systemic reason.
    However, using the password reset function I received the respective notification and could start my posts.

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