How to disable Register Tab from displaying ?

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    Your plug-in is simple and very functional ! Thanks.
    I’m using an additional plugin to receive new user registrations, containing custom fields. Hence I would like to disable the register tab of wp-user control, so users cannot register through this plugin.
    How can i disable Register Tab from displaying ?




    We’re glad you like WP User Control, and thanks for your request. In it’s current state, WP User Control does not provide the ability to disable any of the tabs. Creating the ability to hide any of the tabs would require reworking multiple PHP functions used to generate the widget, as well as the javascript used to display or hide the tabs and provide status notifications. If you’re good with PHP and jQuery/Javascript you could try and tackle that on your own, though it will obviously not be compatible with future WP User Control updates.

    We will add your request for the ability to enable/disable specific tabs to our list of potential roadmap items for future releases. Related to this, we are also looking at the capability to add custom required fields to the registration tab for a future release of WP User Control (requested by another user) — though we have not yet begun development of this functionality.



    Thanks for your quick response. Appreciate it. Looking forward to custom required fields to the registration tab.



    Has this feature been added at this time? I would like to disable registration for my users so that we can manage our own user data base.

    Thank your for the update.




    Thanks for your post. The capability to disable a tab (such as “Register”) has not been added to WP User Control. This capability is on our list of possible future enhancements.

    However, There is 1 new feature related to registration that was added in a recent release that may help you. The user registration form in WP User Control now becomes automatically disabled (still appears but the buttons and fields are disabled) if new user registrations are disabled within WordPress. Depending on how you are managing user registrations within WordPress, this may work for you.

    Thanks for using WP User Control.


    Hi there! I would also like to see a way to disable the register tab. Look forward to any updates. This is a private membership function and we share the registration page only as a private link.



    I would like to support this feature request.



    I koin to support this feature request to integrate a solution for disabling e.g. the register tab. The suggestion to try and tackle that on our own seems not to be the right user support given that the request now becomes also really dated. And showing the tab although the WP function has been disabled is also not a good service for any user which might search for an alternative solution instead.



    Can this be handled with custom CSS?



    This CSS seems to work when added to the styles.css file in your active theme:

    /********************  WP USER CONTROL  *********************/
    ul.tabs_login #register_tab {
    	display:none ;
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