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    Authentication via Google Analytics ClientLogin Interface

    Googlyzer is granted access to your Domain data via the ClientLogin interface for installed applications with the Google API. The authentication method was changed in Googlyzer version 2.0 in order to provide broader web browser support and also enable the use of public-facing widgets within WordPress. Previously, Googlyzer used the AuthSub security interface, which required an additional validation step (re-direction to a Google authentication web page). The AuthSub security interface was not ideal for a WordPress plugin, as it produced a fair amount of confusion and authentication-related issues.

    Authentication Tokens & Login Credentials

    Once a user completes Google Service authentication, Googlyzer stores an authentication token which it uses for all subsequent Google data requests. If Store Google Credentials is enabled, Googlyzer will also store your Google login credentials. This is the default, and HIGHLY recommended setting. Each Google ClientLogin authentication token expires after approximately 2 weeks. If you choose to allow Googlyzer to store your Google login credentials, Googlyzer will automatically detect token expiration and renew as required. If you choose not to allow Googlyzer to store your Google login credentials, the Googlyzer Dashboard and Widgets will return errors once the authentication token has expired and you will be required to return to this settings tab and re-authenticate with Google in order to re-enable Googlyzer.

    Revoking Google Analytics Access

    Authentication with Google can easily be revoked, by simply clicking Logout within the Google Service Authentication area on the Googlyzer General Settings tab. As part of this process Googlyzer deletes the Google authentication token, as well as any stored Google login credentials. Once this step has been completed, Googlyzer cannot create the main dashboard or WP Home Dashboard widget.

    Accessing Googlyzer

    Googlyzer Basic creates 2 areas where Google Analytics is displayed. First, a Googlyzer Dashboard menu item under the WordPress Dashboard menu where the Googlyzer Dashboard can be accessed. Second, if selected, Googlyzer also creates a widget that appears on the WordPress Home Dashboard. The Googlyzer widget for the WP Home Dashboard is only displayed for administrative users. As a result, Googlyzer Basic data is only available for viewing by users with administrative access to your WordPress site.

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