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    How would I add a check box and a new window hyperlink on the registration tab so that it would have a grayed out registration button, until the check box next to “I agree with the Terms of Service of this site.” is checked. Then when checked the registration submit button would be accessible. I would like the Terms of Service to be an underlined hyperlink that pops open a new window that shows our terms of service or the end user agreement. We show exercise videos and we do not want people to hurt themselves so they must read them and follow them or we cannot allow them to watch the videos for safety reasons as well as legal liability reasons. Also, if this feature were enabled i do not want to mess with the SQL database, so it would be assumed after deploying this, all registered users are legally bound to the agreement. I would not need a column saying they were bound in the database saying this. What do you think? Right now there are no users but we are still creating content for the site and it is not generating any traffic yet.

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