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Integrate Google Analytics and WordPress. Track website performance, optimize content, and examine the results. Build a custom dashboard. Gain quick insights with no HTML or CSS knowledge needed.

Integrate Google Analytics with WordPress
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Data You Want at Your Fingertips

Googlyzer enables close integration of Google Analytics and WordPress, enabling administrators to see current Google Analytics data directly in WordPress. Googlyzer creates a Google Analytics WordPress dashboard that is fully customizable. The Googlyzer dashboard includes many possible combinations of Google Analytics dimensions and metrics, with more being added in each release. The Google Analytics WordPress dashboard has options to show/hide charts, modify colors, show/hide metadata (average, last, maximum, minimum, total), display historic data comparisons, and trend statistics. All charts can be created for a custom date range or based on dynamic periods. Googlyzer’s goal is to provide immediate access to the Google Analytics data you want to have at your fingertips, within WordPress. A small sample of available chart combinations is listed below.

Example Dashboard Chart Combinations

Referrals by Source (piechart %)

New vs. Returning Visitors (piechart %)

Visits by Browser (piechart %)

Pageviews / Day (sparkline chart)

New Visits / Day (sparkline chart)

Visitors / Country (table)

Visitors / Day (sparkline chart)

Bounce Rate % (sparkline chart)

Most Popular Pages by Pageviews (table)

Full dashboard with sample data

Google Analytics and WordPress

Top Keyword Searches by Search Count (table)

Not Your Grandma’s Popular Posts Widget

Googlyzer’s Most Popular Content widget is unique, providing a deeper integration of Google Analytics and WordPress. The Googlyzer Most Popular Content widget uses comment data from WordPress along with Google Analytics trackings statistics without dependencies on additional plugins. This allows content ranking by either WordPress comments, or pageviews, while still allowing display of both statistics. Many configuration options are provided, enabling exclusion of multiple categories, exclusion of pages or posts (or inclusion), specific excerpt lengths, excerpt color, and various time period options.

Most Popular Content Widget

External widget display with sample data

Widget Configuration options

Show Off Your Site Performance

Googlyzer’s Sparkline Chart widget provides another way to use Google Analytics with WordPress. Googlyzer’s Sparkline Chart widget embeds a highly customizable mini-chart for display of sitewide or page-specific metrics from Google Analytics. Adding Google Analytics to WordPress can also be done via Googlyzer sparkline shortcodes. Check out the full list of supported shortcode tags and some functioning demonstrations here.

Sparkline Chart Widget

External widget display with page-specific data

External widget display with site-wide data

Widget Configuration options

At a Glance Insight into Your Top Metrics

Both Googlyzer Basic and Pro versions also include a widget that can be displayed on the WordPress Home Dashboard. The Googlyzer widget for the WordPress Home Dashboard provides a customizable display of selected key Google Analytics metrics, allowing webmasters to quickly and easily track site performance day-to-day, and throughout the course of a day.

Googlyzer WP Home Dashboard Widget

Widget display with sample data

Widget Configuration options

Powerful & Easy to Customize

Googlyzer is designed to be a powerful tool that can be customized without CSS or HTML coding. Both Googlyzer Basic and Pro versions include the ability to automatically add Google Analytics asynchronous tracking code to your WordPress powered website. You can choose whether to add GA tracking code, where to add it, and whether to exclude administrative users from tracking data. Additional customization options include the ability to set chart types, colors, include or exclude meta-data, show historic data comparisons, etc.

Googlyzer Configuration Options

GA Tracking Code Options

Google Analytics and WordPress

General Configuration Options

Google Analytics and WordPress

Composite Chart Options

Google Analytics and WordPress

Linechart Options

Google Analytics and WordPress

Piechart Options

Google Analytics and WordPress

Table Options

Google Analytics and WordPress