WordPress Plugin Development

PalmSpark LLC develops both open source and commercial WordPress plugins. PalmSpark LLC also provides WordPress custom web development services in JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, CSS, and HTML. In addition to WordPress, the PalmSpark team has worked with other Content Management System (CMS) platforms such as Joomla, and Drupal. PalmSpark is a strong contributor to the open source software community, and offers a number of open source packages for free download via this website. Some examples of our WordPress plugins are shown below.

WordPress Plugins by PalmSpark

Googlyzer Widget on WordPress Home Dashboard

Googlyzer embeds the power of Google Analytics directly into the WordPress Admin console and allows website managers to view key metrics for each of their domains from a single location. Check out the latest release of Googlyzer Pro, or try out Googlyzer Basic via the WordPress Plugin Repository.

WordPress Plugins by PalmSpark

Register Tab on WP User Control Sidebar Widget

WP User Control adds a powerful sidebar widget to WordPress that allows users to login, register, or reset their password, ALL without leaving their current location! Check out the latest features on the WP User Control Product Page or via the WP User Control in WordPress Plugin Repository.